Social Photography


Google reported that 93 million selfies were generated daily in the US (July 2014). The selfie phenomenon has grown with social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat which have millions of daily users.


UPix enables users to create better selfies by allowing end users to capture the best background image and position their selfie image in the optional position before sharing it with friends. UPix is the first app to make selfies interactive where friends can include themselves in photos even if they aren’t present when the photo is taken.

Go to market strategy

  • UPix is distributed as a photo app in the app stores for Android and Apple devices and in other brand-specific app stores
  • UPix can also be preloaded onto mobile phones under license
  • End users can enable and disable UPix features using in-app purchases which are processed through the app store

Summary business model

The UPix app is free to download. Consumers are able to make in-app purchases to take advantage of new features or remove the UPix watermark.

Put yourself in any photo