Webcasting and Gamecasting have become major markets for consumers to create and broadcast a wide variety of personalized content on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. As at January 2016, 2.1m gamers are creating gameplay broadcasts (‘gamecasting’) for Twitch. Twitch has risen to be the 4th largest source of content on the internet and has over 100m unique viewers each month. Additionally, Youtube video broadcasters are providing 300 hours per minute of uploaded video content to broadcast opinions, reactions, reviews, educational training, etc.


Since many users create and share videos from their homes, TriDef SmartCam improves their videos by removing and replacing their immediate background and also by allowing the user to overlay their image on the videos without needing a physical green screen.

Go to market strategy

  • TriDef SmartCam is a middleware software solution which is compatible with the most popular consumer streaming applications, including XSplit, OBS and RECentral 2
  • A growing number of affiliates promote SmartCam to their end users

Summary business model

  • The affiliate agreements drive end user downloads for which affiliates are compensated by GenMe from end user revenues

Use as a virtual green screen

Gamecast like a pro

Make streaming more fun