MSI Gaming debuts new TriDef VR Games app

DDD Group plc, the advanced imaging company, announces the debut of GenMe’s TriDef® VR Games app in conjunction with world leading gaming brand MSI. The new TriDef VR app enables the most popular PC games to be enjoyed in immersive stereoscopic 3D on the very latest virtual reality headsets, powered by MSI’s growing range of VR-ready products including gaming laptops, desktops and backpack PCs, as well as motherboards and graphics cards.

The TriDef VR Games app is based on the highly successful TriDef 3D Experience game conversion solution and enables over 900 of the most popular PC games to be presented in virtual reality without requiring any additional changes by the game developer.

Normal PC games are presented in 2D or converted automatically to immersive stereoscopic 3D on a giant virtual screen inside the VR headset. An innovative head tracked user interface delivers in-game control over key features including the screen size, distance from the screen, 3D depth effects and even allows the screen to be curved to envelop the player in a heightened sense of realism.

Setting TriDef VR Games apart from other VR game engines is the industry leading stereoscopic 3D effects that are automatically created as the game is played. Along with conventional stereo 3D rendering capabilities, TriDef VR Games includes the unique ‘Power 3D’ mode that allows stereo 3D effects to be created on mid-range graphics processors, widening the range of choices available to end users.

The TriDef VR Game app is expected to be launched commercially during the second quarter of 2017.
A sneak preview of the TriDef VR Games is available at

The TriDef VR Games app is compatible with the latest VR-ready MSI gaming PCs including the ultra-powerful GS63VR Stealth Pro gaming laptop, the compact MSI Trident VR gaming desktop and the futuristic MSI VR One, the world’s thinnest and lightest VR backpack PC.

Chris Yewdall, Chief Executive of DDD, said:

With the recent Windows VR announcement from Microsoft signaling the arrival of lower cost, mass market VR headsets during 2017, we believe that the TriDef VR Games app will be a popular app with players looking to immerse themselves in their favorite games in full stereoscopic 3D. One of the key challenges in the introduction of a new display technology like VR is the availability of quality, engaging content to reassure users that their investment in the headset will be worthwhile and this is a key benefit of TriDef VR Games.


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