TriDef SmartCam partners with Freedom!

DDD Group plc, the advanced imaging company, announces that Freedom!, one of the world’s largest YouTube MCNs (multi-channel networks), has signed an affiliate licensing agreement for GenMe’s TriDef® SmartCam™ software. PlayNow, the affiliate marketing platform created by Freedom!, will distribute TriDef SmartCam through the Freedom! Family network of 175,000 YouTube channels with extended free access and exclusive deals to the “green-screen without a green-screen” software.

Freedom! partners can create video reviews of TriDef SmartCam to promote awareness of SmartCam to their subscribers with a free try-before-you-buy evaluation. Any clicks on PlayNow links to SmartCam beneath these videos will earn the video creator a percentage of all revenue generated.

TriDef SmartCam delivers revolutionary background removal and blurring without the need for an expensive lighting setup and green screen. Content creators can now overlay themselves onto the video very easily and quickly to further personalize their content made with popular webcasting apps including XSplit Broadcaster, OBS Classic and OBS Studio. The SmartBlur feature provides additional privacy and security on video conference calls by blurring the background, while keeping the conference call participant in clear focus.

Chris Yewdall, Chief Executive of DDD, said:

Having successfully established TriDef SmartCam within the gamecasting community over the past year, we are excited to widen our audience to the mainstream webcasters and video bloggers who are part of Freedom!’s highly successful MCN.

George Vanous, CEO of Freedom!, said:

We are excited to announce our partnership with GenMe and their TriDef SmartCam software. With TriDef SmartCam, our partners and their audience can add green screen effects to their videos without a green screen, increasing the production value and audience retention of each video.

About Freedom!
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