TriDef SmartCam now supports 3D webcams

DDD Group plc, the advanced imaging company, announces that its subsidiary GenMe Inc. has introduced support for the very latest 3D webcams with its TriDef® SmartCam™, an innovative real time background replacement solution for popular Windows and Apple Mac applications.

TriDef SmartCam now offers support for 3D webcams including the Razer™ Stargazer and the Creative Labs BlasterX® Senz3D™ webcams that incorporate Intel® RealSense™ depth sensing capabilities.

The TriDef SmartCam software automatically detects the presence of a 3D webcam and augments the 3D depth information being captured by the 3D webcam with TriDef SmartCam’s image analysis algorithms. In this approach, the depth sensing range of the 3D webcam is increased along with the detection accuracy when used in naturally lit environments.

As a ‘middleware’ software application, TriDef SmartCam enables owners of the new 3D webcams to have instant compatibility with over thirty of the most popular webcasting, gamecasting and video chat applications that have hundreds of millions of users globally.

TriDef SmartCam is already gaining a growing user base in the gamecasting/webcasting and video conferencing markets. It turns a conventional 2D webcam into a powerful compositing tool that can either blur or replace the user’s immediate environment with alternative background images and filter effects in real time.

Users of popular gamecasting/webcasting applications including Open Broadcaster System (OBS) and popular video conferencing applications such as can use the TriDef SmartCam solution to overlay their head and torso image on gameplay videos and webcasts or replace their background during video calls using the full 60 frames per second performance of the latest HD webcams.

Over 370,000 evaluation copies of TriDef SmartCam for Windows have already been downloaded and distributed with gaming PCs and gamecasting/webcasting apps since the product was introduced in late May 2015.

Chris Yewdall, Chief Executive of DDD, said:

We are pleased to be able to broaden TriDef SmartCam’s value proposition to the recently introduced premium 3D webcams. Not only does TriDef SmartCam improve the performance of the 3D webcams but it also unlocks access to a wealth of popular apps for the 3D webcam owners without waiting while the app developer adds support for the 3D webcam.

TriDef SmartCam with 3D webcam support is available as a free trial download for Windows PCs from DDD’s TriDef website. For Razer Stargazer users wishing to evaluate TriDef SmartCam, an extended free 30 day trial can be downloaded at


About GenMe
GenMe is a wholly owned subsidiary of DDD Group plc. Its revolutionary computer vision and augmented reality software solutions are licensed to a growing number of international partners in the gamecasting, webcasting, video chat and social photography markets. For more information, please visit and

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