TriDef SmartCam affiliate agreement with leading IT component and peripheral supplier

DDD Group announces that its GenMe subsidiary has signed an affiliate distribution agreement for its TriDef® SmartCam software with a leading supplier of PCs and PC peripherals for use with the distributor’s range of gaming PCs and PC motherboards. This is a one-year, non-exclusive affiliate agreement that will operate on a revenue share basis between GenMe and the affiliate.

Under the terms of the agreement, the affiliate will pre-load the TriDef SmartCam software onto their range of gaming notebooks and PCs. In addition, the TriDef SmartCam software is expected to be included on the installation CD supplied with the affiliate’s PC motherboards.

The TriDef SmartCam software will also include the new TriDef SmartBlur feature that provides additional privacy on video conference calls. As video conferencing cameras and large screen UHD/4K displays used by business users continue to increase in resolution, some users are seeking a solution that prevents sensitive information on monitors, whiteboards and elsewhere in the room being visible to the conference call participants. Instead of replacing the background, the SmartBlur feature blurs it while keeping the conference call participant in clear focus, providing additional privacy and security.

After a thirty day free trial, users will be able to purchase TriDef SmartCam for US$14.99.

Since a significant proportion of the PCs and motherboards are purchased by gamers, the inclusion of TriDef SmartCam will make it easier for customers to create gameplay videos that are shared on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.

Chris Yewdall, Chief Executive of DDD, said:

TriDef SmartCam was introduced to the gaming community in September last year, and we are pleased to have secured this agreement with a leading brand in the IT industry. We anticipate that this agreement will increase the current monthly shipments of SmartCam by around 30% during the third quarter and seven to eight fold in the fourth quarter of 2017. As the motherboard shipments reach full capacity in early 2017, we anticipate that monthly TriDef SmartCam shipments will exceed 1 million units per month.

Further announcements will be made as the affiliate launches their new products that include the TriDef SmartCam software.