TriDef SmartCam for Mac OS X launch

DDD Group plc announces that its subsidiary GenMe Inc. has launched the Apple OS X version of TriDef® SmartCam, an innovative real time background replacement solution for popular Apple Mac applications.

TriDef SmartCam is already gaining a growing user base in the gamecasting/webcasting and video conferencing markets. It turns a conventional 2D webcam into a powerful compositing tool that can replace the user’s immediate environment with alternative background images and filter effects in real time.

Users of popular gamecasting/webcasting applications including Open Broadcaster System (OBS) and popular video conferencing applications such as Skype™ can use the TriDef SmartCam solution to overlay their head and torso image on gameplay videos and webcasts or replace their background during video calls.

Importantly, as a software application, TriDef SmartCam does not require any special hardware such as a 3D sensor or ‘green screen’ to perform the background replacement. This solution is both highly cost effective and easy to distribute as it has been created to ensure that it is already compatible with many popular software applications, which have hundreds of millions of users globally.

Over 278,000 evaluation copies of TriDef SmartCam for Windows have already been downloaded and distributed with gaming PCs and gamecasting/webcasting apps since the product was introduced in late May 2015.

TriDef SmartCam is available as a free download for Windows PCs and OS X for Mac from DDD’s TriDef website. For Mac users wishing to evaluate TriDef SmartCam, a free trial that expires on June 30th 2016 can be downloaded. For Windows users, a seven day free trial can be downloaded, with a $14.99 purchase enabling the product at the end of the trial period.

Chris Yewdall, Chief Executive of DDD, said:

“As we continue to expand the market for TriDef SmartCam’s background replacement capabilities, delivering the solution for Apple Mac OS X users is a critical component to address the needs of business users, in particular those using video conferencing applications who want greater flexibility as to where they can participate in video calls.

We continue to be encouraged by the response to our unique solution with downloads and pre-installs of the Windows version surpassing 30,000 per month in the first quarter.”

Additional information, including the TriDef SmartCam download, can be found at: