Website domain name change and new product update

DDD Group announces that it has changed its website to where shareholders may now obtain details about the company, including AIM Rule 26 information.

The website name change is the final stage of the repositioning of the business as it transitions to the new growth markets in gamecasting, video conferencing and social photography. The Group will continue to operate its, and websites which support the growing range of innovative 2D background replacement solutions that the company has recently launched.

Since introducing TriDef SmartCam in mid-2015, the company has made good progress in the gamecasting and webcasting market where over 200,000 trial copies have already been shipped to end users by its affiliates and licensees. With the positive response from gamers who are creating and sharing their game videos on Twitch and YouTube, TriDef SmartCam is now attracting the attention of leading companies who supply key products to the gamecasting and video conferencing markets globally.

Most recently, the company has released its ground-breaking UPix mobile app in the Google Play store which takes social photography to a whole new level. Not only does UPix allow users to take better selfies but it also makes selfies interactive by allowing friends to become part of their photos and to re-share them. The UPix app also allows fans to take virtual selfies with their favourite actors, musicians and sports stars, creating a closer bond between fans and celebrities on social media.

The company also recently moved its US office to a new location in the heart of LA’s ‘Silicon Beach’ technology community which has rapidly become a key global technology hub for leading companies including Facebook, YouTube, Google and Snapchat.

Chris Yewdall, Chief Executive of DDD, said:

The company’s focus is very much aimed at the “Generation Me” millennials who are increasingly sharing their personal experiences online through the burgeoning social media platforms.

The fact that it only took a few months to ship the first two hundred thousand TriDef SmartCam licenses when it took over two years to achieve this same benchmark in 3D underscores how much larger the target markets are for our new products.

On alone, 1.7 million gamers per month are now broadcasting video game content that is watched by over 100 million viewers per month. Google has estimated that over 93 million selfies are captured and shared every day which is a key audience for the new UPix app.

The latest products are compatible with PCs, games consoles and mobile devices that consumers already own and are easily and cost effectively distributed as software, greatly reducing the barriers to adoption. The affiliate business model is also being well received by our partners since it unlocks incremental value from their end users.

Our new US base in the heart of Silicon Beach gives us ready access to customers, partners and investment capital as we continue to grow the GenMe Inc. subsidiary.